• Nieuwe Steenweg 20A
    9810 Nazareth, Belgium
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About Company

APTCO is a diverse, international group of companies active in the distribution, manufacturing, technical support and logistics of scientific instruments and equipment.

APTCO’s member companies boast activity in the distribution of analytical and materials characterization technologies (BENELUX SCIENTIFIC/FRANCE SCIENTIFIQUE), life sciences, biobanking and diagnostics (SOPACHEM) and cardiac and patient monitoring systems for hospitals (GRAFIMEDICS). Other divisions focus on calibration services (CALIBRATION LAB) and manufacturing of instruments to measure pore size distribution and permeability (POROMETER), laboratory platen presses (FONTIJNE), consumables and instruments for metallographic sample preparation (ESCIL) and SEM metal coating (GOLD COATER).


Nieuwe Steenweg 20A
9810 Nazareth

Contact info

  • Mobile : +32 9 274 52 76
  • Mail : info@aptco-group.com