Aptco Technologies is a manufacturer of measurement instruments and testing equipment for academic and industrial QC and research labs. Development of hardware and software, instrument design, engineering and manufacturing is done in-house by our engineering department IBFT in Germany (http://www.ib-ft.com/). This offers us all the flexibility needed for new developments and a short reaction time to new ideas and input from customers and markets.

The “POROMETER” product range (https://www.porometer.com/) consists of instruments to measure pore size distribution, gas and liquid permeability. Next to porometers, we also develop & manufacture instruments used for membrane synthesis and characterization, such as an automatic membrane/film casting machine (MEMCAST™), or a liquid permeability tester. A recent addition to our product range is the “LUXOR” sputter coater range ( https://www.luxor-tech.com) used for metal coating as a sample preparation step for SEM and TEM analysis. Product ranges such as high quality platen presses (https://www.fontijnepresses.com/) and consumables and instruments for metallographic sample preparation (https://www.escil.com/) are manufactured by other members of the APTCO Group in the Netherlands and France.

Our headquarters and warehouse in Belgium handle all worldwide logistic operations, while applications labs in several locations in Europe are developing new applications and testing customer samples. We have direct sales offices in USA and China and a network of local distributors to help you find the right solutions and instrument configurations.