The Schaefer-Tec Group is a sales company with almost 60 years of company history. It is their concern to offer technically outstanding products for research and industry supporting their customers at all times with competent advice in procurement and use.

They are one of the leading trading and consulting companies and represent leading and well-known manufacturers in Germany and many other European countries in the fields of electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, optical profilometry, particle and nanoparticle measurement or spectrometry as well as in the field of quantitative live cell/tissue imaging.

The highly educated staffs advise scientists in advance accompanying them until the decision on the most suitable procedure for solving the upcoming tasks. They carry out trial work and feasibility studies to check the suitability of the selected system, and they are happy to support you in finding the right solution for your specific tasks.

Geographically, the Schaefer-Tec Group covers Europe out of the following offices: Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Romania.