Aptco Group acquires Schaefer-Tec, strengthening its presence in the European market

Aptco Group, a leading international technology group specializing in the distribution, servicing, and manufacturing of lab instrumentation, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Schaefer-Tec, a renowned supplier of innovative solutions for science and engineering in the DACH territory, France, Italy, and Romania. This acquisition further solidifies Aptco Group’s commitment to innovation, growth, and quality support.

The partnership between Aptco Group and Schaefer-Tec marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of solidifying existing partnerships in the laboratory instrumentation industry. With almost six decades of experience and a strong track record of delivering high-quality products, Schaefer-Tec’s reputation for reliability, extensive product range, and loyal customer base perfectly aligns with Aptco Group’s core values and long-term strategic vision.

Schaefer-Tec is much more than a well-known name in the European market. It is a strong team with almost 60 years of experience, a wide range of high-quality products, and a large number of loyal customers. For the Aptco Group, this acquisition is an excellent opportunity to strengthen its presence in the European market.

Danny Pattyn, CEO of the Aptco Group
Danny Pattyn, CEO of the Aptco Group

We are extremely pleased to be joining the Aptco Group, which will consolidate our future, create new opportunities for innovation and growth, and will certainly increase our visibility on the market.

Martin Bossard, CEO of Schaefer-Tec
Martin Bossard, CEO of Schaefer-Tec

Customers and partners of Schaefer-Tec are assured that this partnership will not disrupt their existing relationships. Business operations will continue as usual, and they can continue to communicate with their trusted contacts at the various Schaefer-Tec offices.

Both Aptco Group and Schaefer-Tec are confident that this strategic partnership will yield numerous benefits for customers, employees, and stakeholders. Together, they aim to expand their market reach, and provide enhanced support to the scientific and engineering communities they serve.

For more information about Aptco Group, please visit aptco-group.com.
For more information about Schaefer-Tec, please visit schaefer-tec.com.

Rising demand for COMPCUT machines partnered with Aptco Technologies

Rising demand for COMPCUT machines across Europe will be met by new specialist Pan-European partner Aptco Technologies

COMPCUT, the specialist division designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art composite cutting and machining solutions, powered by Sharp & Tappin, is improving its supply and service to the European market by teaming up with specialist partner Aptco Technologies. The European based developer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of sample preparation and testing equipment for labs, will now contribute to the composite cutting revolution by actively promoting, selling and technically supdporting the latest Compcut composite cutting machines used primarily for the swift and safe preparation of consistently accurate composite test samples.

Composite samples cut using the Compcut machine. Photo Credit, all images: Sharp & Tappin/Compcut
Composite samples cut using the Compcut machine. Photo Credit, all images: Sharp & Tappin/Compcut

As Compcut machines are acquired by more leading manufacturers, test houses and academic institutions their use is fast becoming the norm for producing test samples and hence demand for the technology is rising both in Europe and in the US, where the technology is already well established and supported under the Labcut brand by Extec Technologies. Across mainland Europe this exciting new partnership with Aptco Technologies will allow more companies and organisations to produce critical composite test samples using Compcut machines as they join the hundreds of Composite Engineers who now realise that this is safer, easier, quicker, cleaner, cost-effective and more consistent.

For more information please visit the aptco-technologies.com website.

Aptco Group becomes no.1 service partner for Thermo Scientific Phenom SEM in Europe

As of January 1, 2023, Aptco Group has been appointed by Thermo Scientific as official service partner for the Thermo Scientific Phenom SEM product line in Germany. As a result, through its customer support organization “Service Lab”, Aptco Group now supports more than 500 Phenom Electron microscopes in the France, Benelux and Germany region.

Several support hubs in Berlin and Langen (DE), Nazareth (BE), Ede (NL) and Lyon (FR – from 10/2023) are at the disposal of Phenom SEM customers for a wide range of services such as maintenance contracts, performance checks, repairs and training for new and advanced operators.

Visit the service-lab.eu site for more information or requests related to your Phenom microscope.